Black Protest and District Home Rule, 1945-1973
(a dissertation in progress)

“It should offend the democratic senses of this nation that 850,000 citizens of its Capital, comprising a population larger than eleven of its states, have no voice in Congress.”

—   President Richard M. Nixon, Message to Congress, April 28, 1968

DC Statehood Publications, early 1970s

ACT 7 Days in May flyer, 1965
DC ACT membership cards, date unknown

Julius Hobson goes in on Dr. King - to his face. 1965.

Julius Hobson responds to Washington Post critique of ACT, July 12, 1965

ACT attempts to end employment discrimination at the DC DMV, February 1965.

ACT chairman Julius Hobson writes to United Planning Organization director James Banks that his program is ineffective at providing immediate relief or employment to poor people, September 23, 1964.

District of Columbia voting precincts, 1963.

DC CORE campaign for fair hiring practices at PEPCO and Washington Gas & Light, 1962.