Black Protest and District Home Rule, 1945-1973
(a dissertation in progress)

There were almost Freedom Rides in Maryland in the fall of 1961.

DC CORE gets real gangster with The Hecht Company about hiring discrimination, 1961.

Ah! James Baldwin wrote a letter to Julius Hobson and signed it! And I got to touch Jimmy’s real life signature! Ah!

DC CORE Steering Committee meeting minutes on the expulsion of Julius Hobson, May 22, 1964

Meeting minutes of Washington Home Rule Committee, August 8 and September 12, 1963

Recent Activities of DC CORE Housing Committee, November 38, 1963

Minutes from National Temporary Freedom Day Committee meeting, Chester, PA, March 14, 1964

Minutes from 1962 National CORE Convention

I have to finish this for her

I just realized that I’m sitting here, researching my dissertation in the same library where my grandmother worked as a janitor for twenty years.

So humbled.
“Still I rise.”

Minutes from a November 12, 1963 meeting of the Washington chapter of CORE.