Black Protest and District Home Rule, 1945-1973
(a dissertation in progress)

NAACP Papers, 1940-1955

This edition reproduces the files of the NAACP legal department regarding complaints about segregation and exclusion in places of public accommodation and recreation between 1940 and 1955. Highlights of the National Committee on Segregation in the Nation’s Capital file include the committee’s opposition to a plan to segregate D.C. parks in 1949. There is also a major report drafted by the committee that covers the broad subject of race relations in the District in 1949, with a special emphasis on housing segregation. This committee, founded in 1946, included E. Franklin Frazier, Charles H. Houston, Hubert Humphrey, Mordecai Johnson, Peter Odegard, Walter Reuther and Eleanor Roosevelt.

  • 8 April 2012
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